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 Luv R Beagles Pixiebeagle Breeders of California
Four Puppies Available! 

Happy New Year from

Luv R Beagles of Southern California

Sally & Patty

"Sally" Sable Gold & White

"Patty" Rare Brindle & White TIGER BEAGLE

Sister "Snoopy" is another TIGER BEAGLE

"Linus" Sable Gold & White

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Something about Pennie and Hank of Southern California

In Pennie's words, "We live on almost a one acre property, and in a town which is lovingly called 'Horsetown USA'.  Most everyone in Norco has animals of some kind."  [While their three dogs are housepets they spend time as a family together outside.]  Pennie says, "The back yard is fenced and approximately 1/4 acre in size. The farthest section from the house is where we raise chickens.  The closest to the house is our the patio, grass and living area.  Lots of room to run and play for animals!"

"I have had dogs my entire life (except one year in college living in a dorm room).  My current beagle is my third, and I have owned and cared for many dogs in my life.  As a child, I remember our poodle having puppies, but that is the only experience I have in breeding.  Being retired, I have thought about what would be my next chapter in life.  And this program brings together my love of dogs (beagles in particular), my career in healthcare for helping others in need, and a new and exciting opportunity to be productive."

Luv R Beagles' First Litter Born November 6, 2019

Pennie and Hank's first litter as new breeders with Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles has not been without additional challenges.  Mother dog, Sadie, had an emergency C/S and will not have future litters. And then Pennie herself has had repeated hospitalizations and surgery.   We wish her well and our prayers go for her recovery and health.  Hank while still working, and helping Pennie, has always taken the best care of their puppies and they will soon be ready to leave the nest.  We pray their placement will serve as special blessings to those who take them into their own families. 

Four Puppies Available after Christmas 

Happy New Year from

Luv R Beagles of Southern California

Temporary Hold on Puppies--Sale pending

Patty & Sally

Its a  Rare Brindle & White TIGER BEAGLE


Let us know that you are interested and we will fill in the details on this pretty litter of four puppies available in Southern California.
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